Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mommy, I found something CTD

“Mommy, I found a bigger,” said the cherubic little waif who shares my abode. Once again Isabelle had a treasure to share with me. “A bigger?” I said. When I gazed upon her tiny outstretched finger, I saw “the bigger”. “Oh, you mean a booger.” I replied. “Where did you find it?” I asked innocently. “In my nose!” she giggled. “You’re not supposed to put things in your nose!” she exclaimed. “No, not really. Not even your finger!” We both giggled. I tried to explain that it is ok to use a finger on an assist, because let’s be honest, sometimes things just won’t come out on their own. But generally, nothing goes into the nose. In fact, the nose should have a more semipermeable nature, things should only come out and most things should be blocked from going in. As a parent, that would be a useful modification to the human design.

I then tried to explain that we wouldn’t say we ‘found’ a booger in our nose. You should find them there. That’s where the boogers are. If you found one, say, stuck under a table, that would be a find. A gross find but a find nonetheless. The subtlety was lost on her and that’s ok for right now; she’s my little bigger-finding Preschooler and it’s a subject we can address later on. I’ve reiterated how to use a Kleenex to assist in the retrieval of boogers. We’ll see how that goes. In the meantime, on to bigger* things.

*and not ‘bigger’ things I hope!


  1. Now that is just pure cutenesss!

  2. I just saw the pics you posted. I can totally see your Dad sitting at the table with the paper. Priceless.