Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mommy, I found something…

“Mommy, I found something,” Isabelle said as she was sitting in my lap in my comfy chair watching “Tinkerbell.” I wondered what could she possibly have found? What could she reach from where we were sitting? She held up one adorable little finger and on that finger was the tiniest booger you have ever seen. I somehow thought that my sweet little girl was going to bypass all things booger-related. In the three and a half years she has been on this earth, she has pretty much ignored her nose. I have never even seen her finger near a nostril, let alone in one. I have tried to teach her good hygiene. Case in point, she can almost, all on her own, blow her nose into a Kleenex to rid aforementioned nostrils of, ahem, detritus and I thought the coast was clear. ‘Til yesterday. Even that tiny booger almost made me throw up. For some reason boogers gross me out more than poop. I don’t know why, they just do. There was a boy in elementary school whose last name was ‘Bruggeman’ but the poor kid got labeled ‘Boogerman’ instead. Not to be impolite, but it was a deserved name because, well, because he always had boogers. My maiden name is ‘Burke’ and he was always seated next to me in class. His cubby was next to mine. Let’s just say he shaped my view of boogers. Let me clarify, though, he wasn’t unkind with the boogers, he never put them on me. They were just always there. Somewhere. On his person. (shudder) There’s yet another interesting story from early in my relationship with Don involving a booger but I don’t think he’d like to be fodder for my blog so I’ll withhold the story. (If you really want to know, just ask and I’ll tell you) No matter how boogers come to be out of one’s nose, they are just plain icky and make me ill. I pray the incident yesterday was a random deviation from the norm and that I don’t have to see my darling daughter pick her nose on a regular basis. And PLEASE God, no picking and eating. No picking and eating!! I’m going to vomit now. Thanks for staying tuned despite all the talk of bodily functions. I truly hope this will be the only post. Forever.


  1. I remember Bruggeman. I also remember him being called Boogerman. Kids are awful. It wasn't until I read this that I remembered the snot that was on his face all the time.

    All I can say is boogers aren't so bad. At least she didn't wipe them on the wall to solidfy, like Andy did.

    Hang in there Mom. ;)

  2. Okay, I competely laughed out loud at the "world's tiniest booger". I can just picture it. What exactly did Iz want you to do with it? I think you and I and everyone reading this knows that this will most definitely NOT be your lone experience with a nose boog. Steel yourself.

    While I do find boogers gross what I really can't handle are snot bubbles.

    By the way I am actually friends with the "Boogerman's" brother (a year younger). Now I will have to control myself to keep from calling him Boogerman when I see him Thursday.

  3. Thanks you two. I do have a few more anecdotes to add to the 'booger file' so I'll keep you both posted! :)