Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cancer ‘touches’ so many lives/Frosting for the Cause

I love to read. I devour reading material: novels, stories, newspapers, magazines, blogs you name it, I read it with relish. Especially blogs, je t’adore. I have found a new one called Frosting for the Cause.

It is a blog which raises money for cancer quite creatively, wherein each post is sent in with a recipe and a story of a person touched by cancer. Well, I love this blog. I have recently learned that I actually have patience to bake; I don't do it well -yet- but I'm getting there and this blog has some amazing recipes and stories and has motivated me to try some new things. Truth be told, the stories also usually make me cry, but I continue to read it nonetheless. However, I detest the notion that cancer ‘touches’ people. Je déteste. Cancer doesn’t touch you, it punches you in the face, spits in your eye and kicks you in the groin. Can’t we please come up with a new phrase? Cancer affecting lives isn’t strong enough and I’m sure people wouldn’t tolerate that cancer kicks the asses of so many. Any thoughts? Snarky or otherwise?

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