Friday, April 22, 2011

Scowling Dogs

I love that my newly-turned 4 year old is helpful and wants to contribute to the household. She particularly likes to help with Sophie since she knows that Sophie is quite grumpy, or in her own words, not nice. As in “maybe our next dog will be nice.” (She has said this more times than can be enumerated.)

In light of that, she tries to be ├╝ber-nice to Sophie in hopes that Sophie will be nice in return. (good luck with that! At least she’s an optimist like her mommy) She feeds her and let’s her out into her pen. Well, as much as Sophie is grumpy, she’s also smart. She knows when Iz is in charge, the whole process takes longer. A lot longer. And well, she actually scowls when Isabelle feeds her or lets her out. She will make periodic eye contact with me throughout the whole process as if to say, “Can’t you just do this? (scowl) Pllllleeeeeeaaaassssee.” (scowl) Oh wait, she’s way to rude to say please, it would be more like “You do this, damn it!!” (scowl)

I’m not sure what I’ve done karma-cally speaking to deserve this ingrate of a canine, but at least Isabelle is sweet enough for the both of them that it balances it all out. I do love Siberian huskies, but this one is just too tempermental. I’ve heard pugs are amazingly sweet. Thoughts?

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  1. Too funny! Boxers and Goldens are happy dogs. Ours seem to always be smiling no matter what the kids are doing to them.