Saturday, May 14, 2011

It’s Saturday, it’s Saturday, gotta get down...

It’s Saturday, it’s Saturday, gotta get down…I know, I know. Couldn't resist.

When I awoke I wondered how today would be different than yesterday, because in all honesty, yesterday was a difficult day at school to say the least! Today started with a run with Soph, who proceeded to do her business as we ran. No biggie, I always bring bags, so I cleaned up and planned on tossing it in the next garbage can on the trail.

When I got to where the can should have been I noticed it was gone; hmm. I wondered, "Is today going to be an extension of yesterday? I hope not!" Owell, whatev, I decided to just kept running figuring I’d have to carry it and see if another can showed up. A walker who I see almost every weekend was heading toward us and as she got close she said, “Want me to take that? The can in this direction isn’t far.” I didn’t know what to say, so I said, “You know what’s in here, right?”

I mean, I didn’t want her thinking it was a snack of sorts for after my run because she would have been in for the rudest of awakenings upon the opening of the bag later, expecting a yummy treat and finding, well, you know, so I had to verify, right? She just laughed and said it was no big deal. She patted Sophie on the head, took the bag and went on her way.

I was flabbergasted and yelled back to her, “Do you have a dog, I’ll come and pick up your yard?” She replied, “No, I have cats,” and just kept walking until she was too far from me to hear. Still not knowing what to make of the whole thing or what to say I just mumbled to myself, “I’ll come…and pick up…cat…barf?!?” Owell. I tried. If that isn’t a random act of kindness that negates the ickyness of yesterday, then I don’t know what is! Thank you 'poop lady'. No, that has the wrong connotation. Thank you 'poop-filled-bag-taking-lady'. Today is already better than yesterday. :)

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