Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why the guy who sold me my car has added years to my life…

I am a bit of a speed demon; my old car (and new) are responsive, fast and fun-to-drive little cars; moreover I’m a bit impatient when I drive and have had my share of speeding tickets over the years. Let’s just say a one-per-year average was the norm and the tipping point was when I had a teary-eyed ticket encounter on I-80 with Iz in her car-seat and suffice it to say I swore I would never replicate that particular moment of joy. And since we're being honest, tickets notwithstanding, the impatient driving causes a LOT of stress in my life since I get frustrated with people not being in the correct lane, suddenly slowing down, gaping at an accident etc. On more than one occasion I have suggested to another drive that he or she, “GET THE &$@## OFF THE ROAD!” I can be incredibly patient in certain circumstances, but insanely impatient while driving. Jekyll and Hyde squared, so to speak. Which is odd because I am never late. I do NOT have to BE a speed-demon.

Well I finally got my new car last week and it’s a totally fantastic car: Jetta, TDI Clean Diesel, manual transmission, Bluetooth yada, yada, yada. Gorgeous. But the more notable and important transaction was a response to something the salesman, Rich, said to Don & me. In discussing fuel conservation he said, “If you’re on the highway for a stretch of road, set the cruise to 60 and just stay in the right lane, pass if needed, still at 60, but maintain your speed and you’ll save hundreds of dollars in fuel over the course of the year.” Don added that it’s how he must drive for his job; his employer audits their miles and fuel to verify that it’s the procedure everyone uses, and he stated, “It’s also less stressful.” I was skeptical but said I’d try it for a week since less stress is something we can all use. I did. Wow. Life-alteringly epic. Not only is it saving me money via less fuel consumption, but it’s EASIER to commute to work. Granted, I am not grid-locked on the Ryan, but rather take I-80 and can comfortably stay at 60 in the right lane. It’s liberating; the cruise is set, I can sit comfortably, listen to music, think about my day, and still get to work or home on time. It takes like 2 minutes longer, that’s it! I’m a convert, at least until I really am late, then we’ll see. But I’ll keep you posted. It’s ‘fuel’ for thought people, fuel for thought.

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