Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We all have a Phoebe. Or a Rachel. Or a Monica. A Joey, Chandler (Chanandler) or Ross.

We all rely on our Tin Man or Cowardly Lion or Scarecrow.

Where would Nemo be without Dory? Or Woody without Buzz? I’m talking about friends, of course. Or Friends. I miss them, my sitcom Friends, but they aren’t the gist of my mental meanderings today. I’m saying we all have that one person, or several persons, upon whom we rely. And we rely upon them for different reasons. For my group of friends I don’t know where we’d be without M. Most of us would have lost touch if not for her. She’s the glue that holds us together. She’s Super Glue, really. She also happens to be my Dory, my guide. Merci mon amie.

Or how about that friend who meant the world to us, but just for a little while? That army or college friend with whom we were thick as thieves, couldn’t live without but then just as quickly went separate ways? For me, there were two, T. and W. Inseparable, we were! And then, inscrutably separable.

What of the friend that is just always there no matter what? Years can pass and you pick up where you left off regardless how much time has passed. For me that’s J. Calvin to my Hobbes. (Or Hobbes to my Calvin?) No matter, God willing, we will always be one to the other.

Friendship can be summed up in so many ways, but I often think of Dorothy before returning to Kansas from Oz telling Scarecrow, “I think I'm going to miss you most of all.” We should all be so blessed to have a Scarecrow. Or be a Scarecrow. Yes, family is important, but our friends (who become like family) are just as precious. ♥

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