Saturday, August 27, 2011

(Anti)Social Media

I adore social media and how it connects me with friends and family that I don’t get to see nearly as often as I’d like. It’s a give and take, an exchange of information, pictures, trivia and life’s minutiae. Due to the nature of life in general, we all have things we love and things we hate. We are all different. Life would be a total snoozer if we all liked the same things. But back to my point, I have an adorable 4.5 year old and I love my husband and my dog and my job and I’m trying to stick to an exercise regimen, so you’ll see a LOT about all those things from me. That’s me. I have friends who are wonderful cooks and bakers and they share what’s cooking tonight. I love that. But I have other friends who complain about others’ posts and I don’t get it. The beauty of social media is that you can change settings to see as much or as little of someone as you would like. If Onkel Fritz is posting too much about his (ugly) hamster, you can edit which of his posts you get. Or, my personal non-fave, when someone decides to post pictures of an injury, (seriously, this GROSSES ME OUT) I swiftly delete that picture, but look forward to the other posts that individual has to share. But don’t fool yourself when you post something snarky about someone else’s posts, because let’s be honest, I’m sure there are friends in your queue who have had enough of what you have said, but they like you so they tolerate you. Or secretly mock you in private, but that’s life. Can’t we all just get over ourselves? Or not, that's ok too. That’s why social media exists; we love to share about ourselves and we love when people notice. It’s quid pro quo, just like life, and it’s awesome. Can’t we just be (facebook) friends?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Preschool/High School

Preschool: “Mom! I get new clothes for the new school year? Every year?? Yippeeeeeeee!”

High School: “Mom! Are these the only new clothes I am getting for the new school year. Boooooooooo!”

Preschool: Letter from teacher: ½ page ‘Welcome, my name is…” ½ page supply list.

High School: Letter from teachers: What letter?? Is there a list-serve I missed somehow??

Preschool: ‘Open-house Night’: teachers, students, parents, grandparents, neighbors are all invited and are all there. Early.

High School: ‘Curriculum Night’: teachers, students, parents, grandparents, neighbors are all invited; the teachers are all there.

Preschool: Lunch: Lettuce and carrots with ranch, chicken breast and apple slices.

High School: Lunch: Ice cream sandwich, bag of pretzels sticks and a can of pop. (don’t judge, that was a staple for me way back when...)

Preschool: “Honey, what did you do at school today?” “I learned numbers and the alphabet and how to write my name and how to read and circle time. Oh, and we played outside and made a craft and Terrence got glue in his hair and Sherrie wouldn’t eat her apples and I said I would eat them but Ms. Carol said that Sherrie should eat her own apples and I skinned my knee and then I fell and I skinned my other knee. Did you see the hole in my pants?

High School: “Honey, what did you do at school today?” “Nothing.”

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back to the School of Rock Daze*

This day marks the last day before we are back to school in the Miller Household. I am back at South for Institute Days on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with our students starting on Thursday and Isabelle is back at West for year two of Preschool.

I actually started last week with my new position as Department Chair for World Language, Fine Arts and ESL; Isabelle has spent some time at Central, more as Summer Camp recently, but it’s not exactly the same ‘back-to-school’ feel as this week. Regardless, we’re back!

2011-2012: what does this new year have in store? I have made a commitment to myself to write in this space weekly, I hope you will join me to find out about the interesting things which could happen. Preschool and High School? Drama, drama, drama, there’s nothing more compelling, is there??

*I couldn’t decide on a catchy title so I borrowed some other creative monikers and smashed them together, please accept my apologies at being so non-inventive at this time, I hope something better will come. For what it’s worth, I LOVE School of Rock, so at least there’s a reason for me to use that one.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hero of the Day

I have discovered time travel! Ok not really, but sort of. I was jogging and a song came on my iPod that I haven’t heard in quite some time. It was “Hero of the Day” by Metallica and it sent me back to the last time I had heard it. (Imagine squiggles across your vision a la Wayne and Garth) It was a week after my first chemo treatment and I was lamenting the fact that I had only just started getting back into my exercise routine and then I got slammed with the cancer; my good habits stopped as abruptly as they had started. Not wanting to cave in to the swirling, sucking toilet drain that is self-pity I decided that I would try to just get out there and go for a jog and see what happened. Chemo sucked, yes, but I still had legs that worked, right? I jammed an ill-fitting baseball cap on my bald head, grabbed my Walkman and headed out. I had made a bunch of CDs labeled ‘Jog Mix’ and had no idea which one was in there but it didn’t really matter, they were all good. I decided I would go around my neighborhood twice and call it a day starting out slowly; it was not easy but I did not quit. I wanted to quit around the last few blocks before I was finished and then “Hero of the Day” came on. Not being self-aggrandizing here, but as I finished up I FELT like the hero of the day. I was amazed that I did it without quitting and as I barely jog-walked the last block I just cried. And sobbed a little too. It must have been a pretty sight: white-as-paste head, sweaty and sticky chest and back, red-rimmed and tear-stained eyes, runny nose. In a word, gorgeous. Listening to that song made me realize that I had to fight and I was right. It got me through that moment. Other songs have gotten me though other moments. A song can motivate you to do more than you thought possible and can transport you in time. Jog your memory so to speak. ;) I wonder what song I am listening to these days that will make me nostalgic in a decade or two? Any songs that you have that just send you back in time? I’d love to hear about them.