Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back to the School of Rock Daze*

This day marks the last day before we are back to school in the Miller Household. I am back at South for Institute Days on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with our students starting on Thursday and Isabelle is back at West for year two of Preschool.

I actually started last week with my new position as Department Chair for World Language, Fine Arts and ESL; Isabelle has spent some time at Central, more as Summer Camp recently, but it’s not exactly the same ‘back-to-school’ feel as this week. Regardless, we’re back!

2011-2012: what does this new year have in store? I have made a commitment to myself to write in this space weekly, I hope you will join me to find out about the interesting things which could happen. Preschool and High School? Drama, drama, drama, there’s nothing more compelling, is there??

*I couldn’t decide on a catchy title so I borrowed some other creative monikers and smashed them together, please accept my apologies at being so non-inventive at this time, I hope something better will come. For what it’s worth, I LOVE School of Rock, so at least there’s a reason for me to use that one.


  1. congrats frau on your new position! you will make a great department chair! N i will be reading to see what happens!