Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hero of the Day

I have discovered time travel! Ok not really, but sort of. I was jogging and a song came on my iPod that I haven’t heard in quite some time. It was “Hero of the Day” by Metallica and it sent me back to the last time I had heard it. (Imagine squiggles across your vision a la Wayne and Garth) It was a week after my first chemo treatment and I was lamenting the fact that I had only just started getting back into my exercise routine and then I got slammed with the cancer; my good habits stopped as abruptly as they had started. Not wanting to cave in to the swirling, sucking toilet drain that is self-pity I decided that I would try to just get out there and go for a jog and see what happened. Chemo sucked, yes, but I still had legs that worked, right? I jammed an ill-fitting baseball cap on my bald head, grabbed my Walkman and headed out. I had made a bunch of CDs labeled ‘Jog Mix’ and had no idea which one was in there but it didn’t really matter, they were all good. I decided I would go around my neighborhood twice and call it a day starting out slowly; it was not easy but I did not quit. I wanted to quit around the last few blocks before I was finished and then “Hero of the Day” came on. Not being self-aggrandizing here, but as I finished up I FELT like the hero of the day. I was amazed that I did it without quitting and as I barely jog-walked the last block I just cried. And sobbed a little too. It must have been a pretty sight: white-as-paste head, sweaty and sticky chest and back, red-rimmed and tear-stained eyes, runny nose. In a word, gorgeous. Listening to that song made me realize that I had to fight and I was right. It got me through that moment. Other songs have gotten me though other moments. A song can motivate you to do more than you thought possible and can transport you in time. Jog your memory so to speak. ;) I wonder what song I am listening to these days that will make me nostalgic in a decade or two? Any songs that you have that just send you back in time? I’d love to hear about them.

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