Sunday, September 11, 2011

Preschool/High School


Me: Iz! Look at these adorable Saucony gym shoes, but they have ties, is this something you would like to work on together? Tying shoes? Should I order them?

Iz: Yes Mommy, those are soooooo cute! (she hugs me) I’ll practice tying my shoes.

Me: Ok, sounds like a plan.

(Later that week after the shoes arrive)

Me: Iz, let’s work on tying together. (She slips the shoes on, still a bit big but I want plenty of time to work on the tying part). You cross the laces over, tuck one under and pull tight. Voila! You try.

Iz: OK! (takes the laces, wraps them around each other, pulls tight, nothing happens.) That’s ok, Mommy, can you help me and show me again?

Me: Sure. (repeat steps delineated above) ((We are both happy to have the cute shoes and to work together))

(A few days later, after many tries at home and at school)

Me: Ok, remem…

Iz: I GOT IT! (she aggressively grabs the shoes, shoves them on her feet, takes hold of the laces, wraps them around each other, pulls super tight, nothing happens)

Me: Should…

Iz: NO! I CAN DO IT!!!! (repeat steps delineated above) (MANY MANY MANY TIMES, including the vehemence about doing it ALL ON HER OWN)

Me: Ok, I’ll just wait. (no shoes are tied at this point, nor will they ever be if this continues) ((Sigh))

High School

Me: (In German to my AP class) Good morning! Let’s start your essay on diversity and cultural differences; how can we describe these concepts in detail? What are the historical implications of these concepts to a German-speaking person compared to an English-speaking person? How do they affect us on a daily basis? Be sure to make an outline, staying only in the target language and have a rough draft ready by the end of class with a final draft by week’s end. Also, be sure to call my Google Voice number and respond to the prompt. I will not give you the prompt in advance! Remember, I can see how many times you call and you should only call one time. This call counts for participation, next time it will be for an assessment. OK?

Students: Alles klar! :)