Sunday, March 3, 2013


I am completely non-plussed that it has been so long since I've posted.  If I hazarded a guess at how long it's been, never would I have guessed that it's been as long as it's actually been!  Finding that ever-elusive balance in life has been a struggle lately, to say the least.  But balance is an interesting concept.  Not only do I see it (or the lack thereof) in my school and home life, but also in that awesome little Kindergartner with whom I am so blessed to spend my time.  At once she is my mini-me, singing and swimming and charming all she encounters and in another turn, she is running lightning fast, shooting goals in soccer and farting on command.  (yes, you really did just read that, sorry Iz)  Literally, she will turn her bootie toward Don, bend over and just cut loose.  That is by no means 'Maureen' behavior, no siree.  That is 'Don' all the way.  On the one hand it makes me cringe and on the other I ROTFL.  And it's a good thing, truly, because I tend to take myself too seriously and appreciate Don's yin to my yang.  Somehow our equally individual traits are in her, not mutually exclusive.  It's a wonder that it works, and yet it does.  The little wonder turns 6 in just about 2 months and we are already talking about 1st grade!  (1st grade!!!)  Just a few short months ago she was a shy reader; unsure of herself.  Now she's reading like a champ and eagerly anticipating chapter books. Last summer she was falling off her bike unable to keep it upright and now she rides like Lance.  A few weeks ago she was struggling to remember all the notes on the treble clef with help from her piano note speller.  Now she's sight-reading and playing so much more confidently.  This time last year she was struggling to get from level 1 A, B and C to level 2 in swimming.  Now she's almost in level 4 and jumping off the diving board.  Last week she jumped off for the first time; other children in her group walked out to the end and walked back without jumping, but not Iz.  She walked to the end and jumped right in.  As soon as her little head bobbed up above the water she made eye contact with me and shouted, "Mommy, I had faith in myself and I did it!"The other parents and lifeguards standing nearby all clapped because it was said with such amazing incredulity and passion on her part.  I, naturally, cried.  :)  Don has joked so many times how he never swam, he sank.  Really, he jumped in and tried so many times as a child and just sank to the bottom.  He realized it wasn't his thing and pursued other sports.   Watching my little mermaid swim and love it has been entrancing, especially since I find so much joy in it myself.  And hearing her little voice from the deep end of the pool was so sweet, especially since it was so triumphant.  "I had faith in myself."  It's all you can ask as a parent.  That, and the confidence to break wind at will.  Balance, life is about balance.  :)

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