Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ob la di, ob la da, life goes on...

This past week, my Great Aunt Peg and Great Uncle Dick passed away.  They had been married for over 70 years, and died within days of each other.  Never have I known such a fun, and yet earnest and intelligent, couple.  The fact that they were married and essentially inseparable for over 70 years is a phenomenon for which I cannot find a single word adequate enough to describe, and I feel so blessed to have known them and hope that perhaps, a little bit of that magic that they had exists somehow in me.  One can hope! They had such an interesting life and they travelled to many different places together, Alaska, Ireland was a favorite, and even came to visit me at Ft. Bragg while I was stationed there in the Army.  Being on military time, I decided to call them "super early" in the morning at 9:00 so we could meet for breakfast.  My Grandpa Bill was with them and he answered the phone and I could tell I woke him.  I said, "I thought you all would have woken up already, the early bird and all."  Grandpa Bill replied, "Weenie, I haven't seen the early bird since Reagan was in office!"    This was, of course, an exaggeration, but typical for my Grandpa Bill.  And it was 1992 so it hadn't been that long, really.  He had so many witticisms, Uncle Dick did too.  They both were so much fun, and funny!  So many stories we heard from both of them.  I got to see them frequently during the summer when we would go to Dewey Lake; I was always excited to run from our place to see if Patty, Tim or Richard were at the back cottage firing up the grill! Upon learning of their passing, my first instinct was to call my dad, or my mom, or my Grandpa Bill, but sadly, they all have gone onto the great beyond, and the reality of this hit me like a tornado.  The people that used to make up such a hugely impactful part of my life, from visiting with them on their porch at Dewey Lake, to sailing the sailboat, to riding around the lake on their red float boat, or running and jumping off of their pier, are gone.  A significant part of my life has ended forever, never to be recaptured.  That makes me feel a profound sense of sadness.  Especially for their own children and grandchildren, my second cousins, or first cousins once removed, we always tried to figure that out!  No matter, they have endured a great loss and I hope they take solace in all the love that was shared; I hope they take solace that Aunt Peg and Uncle Dick's lives go on through them, through their beautiful grandchildren.  But still, grieving takes time and life goes on. Children go to school, we go back to work. Life goes on.  We log on to social media, tweet what's going on, hashtag something. Life goes on. Happily, I am now connected via Facebook with many of them, and it's a salve to see they have their own children and families.  Beautiful families!  Many of them, many of us, have lost loved ones in this past year, and for that I am sad.  Many of them, many of us, have beautiful families and for that I am thankful.  Please, say a prayer or keep their families in your thoughts.

Obladi Oblada - I love the Beatles and this song makes me smile.  I hope it makes you smile, too.

Richard and Margaret Burke

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